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Equinox V7R21 OIML R21

Quick Overview

Vonino Equinox V7R21 is an ARM based Android 7 Nougat platform that incorporates a dedicated taximeter hardware with 1.3 GHz Quad-core processor, 1GB RAM and wireless communication interface including 3G and WLAN/BT.

The software and hardware were specifically created for taxi industry with large fleet management capabilities in mind. The GPS with 3G can be used for location and route optimization, and the option for Glonass can cover most global navigation satellite systems. Software wise, Equinox MDT is relying on Google Maps (for 2D redering) and Nokia’s Here We Go maps (2D & 3D redering) for best in class navigation features like real-time traffic information and routing.


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Vonino Equinox V7R21 is an ARM based Android 7 Nougat platform that incorporates a dedicated taximeter hardware. With 1.3 GHz quad core processor, 1GB DRAM and rich wireless communication interface including 3G and WLAN/BT provide high speed data exchange with performance required by fleet management company . Software and hardware was specifically created for taxi industry with large fleet management capabilities in mind.

(A)GPS with 3G can be used for location and route optimization, and the option for Glonass can cover most global navigation satellite system. Software wise, Equinox MDT is relying on Google Maps (for 2D redering) and Nokia’s Here We Go maps (2D & 3D redering) for best in class navigation features like real-time traffic information and routing.

Equinox MDT offers great flexibility in terms of integration, both hardware and software. Runing Android as higher layer OS, software integration with an existing back end system becomes as easy as creating an Android App. Hardware wise, there are 8 GPIOs, four of them configured input (opto-isolated) and four as output (with output transistors drivers for higher current output).


Consists of the following:

1. Android Application – For the Client
2. iOS Application – For the Client
3. Android Application – For the Driver
4. Call Center Application Dispatcher – For the Call Center Operators

5. Web Admin Management application – For the Owners and Managers of the taxi companies
6. Server Application – For the IT department

1. Android Application for the Client:

The client application for Android and iOS has as main functionality to allow clients placing orders in the system.
Related functions are as follows:
1.1 Map
The application allows users to be located on the map visual and visual editing address customer pickup address. Address selected visually on the map is determined using the geolocation service from Google, therefore the accuracy of the determination based on GPS coordinates address marked on the map depends on the quality of service offered by Google.
1.2 Edit data address client pickup details
The application allows the user to edit / correct address where service geo location was not sufficiently precise in determining the correct address customer pickup. Also, the application can query the system for a particular taxi cab number by specifyingit in the main screen.
1.3 View driver in real time.
After ordering and confirmation of the taxi, the client application lets you view the taxi coming on the map in real time.
1.4 Edit customer account information.
The client application provides the user with a screen (accessible from the menu) where he can edit the account: can modify /update personal data (name, phone number, etc).
1.5 Orders & Reviews.
The client application provides the user with a screen (accessible fr
om the menu) visualization last orders and providing driver reviews.

2. iOS application for the client

App for iOS, is a replica of the application for Android client app, following user interface recommended by Apple. Functionality available on Android version can be found on the iOS as well.

3.  Android Application – For the Driver

The application for the driver is installed on Equinox MDM and allows viewing and pickup orders. Related functions are as follows:
3.1 MonitorCommands
The application provides the user with a screen panel orders, which can viewed multiple orders simultaneously. The display panel is populated in order of arrival of orders from top to bottom. Commands are executed by selecting the command in the command panel display.
Each order contains the following information: customer name, the distance to address customer pickup, source control (can be from call center or from client) and the complete address details.

3.2   Orders Administration
After accepting an order the driver application waits the confirmation from server, and then, if accepted by the server it goes in "Order in progress" where the driver has the following options:

  • "Arrived at pickup address" - By pressing this button, the server notifies an event that the driver has arrived in pickup address customer proximity. At this point load and GPS coordinates of the current position in order to provide corrections to the current POI.
  • "Customer rose" - By pressing this button, the server notifies an event that the client was taken.
  • "Client is on board" - By pressing this button, the server notifies an event that the customer has been successfully picked up.
  • "Cancel Order" - By pressing this button the driver is canceling the order due to various reasons. The driver is penalized in this case, the penalty amount time can be adjusted by the system administrator.
  • "Map" - Pressing this button allows the driver to use the navigation function assisted using Google Navigation or other navigation apps (the taxi company’s choice).

3.3   Edit account information Driver
The application provides an edit screen driver personal information (name, phone, email, etc)
3.4   Configuration  dashboard
The application provides the driver with a screen for editing various functional parameters for the application.

4.  Call Center Application Dispatcher – For the Call Center Operators

The call center app is integrated in the web admin module and the main features are: sip integration and managing calls, clients, POIs, drivers, maps, monitoring, accepting and placing orders. The application is designed to be used in call centers of taxi companies. More broadly, dispatching functionalities of the application are following:
4.1   SIP calls and order placement.
SIP orders refers to the ability to take calls from a telephone (configured with SIP extensions) and to place the orders on the server. With each call, the operators can edit the customer's name, the pickup address and any other comments. Address are associated with clients who placed the order so that the next call, the application automatically identifies the client’s phone and load its favorite addresses (according to customer history).
4.2   Monitoring orders made though Mobile Application
The call center application offers screen monitoring of orders placed through client’s phones dedicated to mobile applications. Currently this feature is limited to monitoring function and the operators have read access on some orders associated information (customer name, address customer acquisition, order status, sign the car who took command when the order was taken).
4.3   Fleet Monitoring
Fleet monitoring refers to the ability to view real-time map, all drivers connected to the system. As a function related to viewer fleet the operators can also:

  • Show all drivers in real time on the map
  • Show taxi station with the number of each station.
  • Edit / Update / View stations taxi
  • Edit / Update / View addresses of interest (POI)

5.   WebAdmin Application

Web Admin is a web tool that has main management function (driving accounts, customer accounts, accounts dispatchers) and operating parameters for the server application. More broadly functions of this application are:

5.1   Drivers
Management Administration drivers offers the user a list of registered drivers and relevant information in the taxi company’s system. The operations available for each drivers are:

  • Enable / Disable account driver
  • edit / update account driver
  • confirmation / invalidation request registration driver
  • Clear counters driver
  • view history (any modification)

Also, the web admin web module provides users with the search function, all fields visible accepting any kind of search query.
5.2   Dispatchers
The administration page under web admin module of supervisory control has three components:

  • View dispatchers accounts (with the option to upgrade their removal respectively)
  • confirmation / invalidation request registration dispatchers dispatchers
  • reports (total orders, honored and outstanding per account)

5.3   Detailed Orders History View
The “viewing orders” page has the main function to display orders in chronological order (most recent listed first). The page has a search function, accepted orders being in the visible list (customer name, address customer pickup, driver, taxi number and order status). For each order (sent on the driver application app) map tracing viewing is possible from initial customer location (indicating the time on the route).
5.4   Administration
The clients management sub menu is used to manage theirs accounts. The main function contains a Full list of customer accounts displayed in descending order by the total number of orders they have made. The sub menu allows you to select the time period for which the calculated total of orders and consequently low among clients. Options for the history is from one month up to six months in increments. The sub menu provides a filter for the type of customer, the customer who used the SIP (who made phone orders), mobile clients (who did orders from mobile application) or total (all clients, this is the default option). Managers have the possibility to: edit / update / delete account for each client.
5.5   Affiliates
Business Administration sub menu page provides introduction of affiliated companies. By subscribing drivers to affiliated companies is providing the affiliates with the option to execute edit operations only for their own drivers (ie all drivers undersigned an affiliated company).
5.6   Administration fleet management addresses the ability to manage (add, edit, update, delete) models of used cars in system.
5.7   Statistics Sub menu
In statistics the user can view a series of statistics (graphs) for orders and calls. These statistics are as follows:

  • statistical controls - expresses the evolution of the number of orders total (vs the respected)
  • statistical for orders - expresses the evolution of orders SIP vs Mobile
  • retention client rate - expresses the evolution ratio between the total number of clients
  • active users - expresses the evolution of active user base

* total orders statistic – expresses the total evolution for all the orders in the system

5.8   Points of Interest (POI)
POI page is intended for POI. There are two features worth mentioning for this chapter:

  • View, add and update.
  • corrections POIs using the relative positions of Equinox .

5.9   Admin Sub menu
Admin menupage has three components:

  • Web user groups administration (eg. Superuser, dispatching, partner)
  • user administration web (user accounts)
  • configuration server - allows you to control operating parameters of the application server (IP parameters algorithm searching, waiting times, penalty system, etc.)

6.  Server Application

Server application is mainly aimed at networking client applications, driver and dispatcher facilitating the functionality of each. In particular, the application server has the following features:
6.1   User Logs
User authentication is to verify authenticity and permit users access to server. Users are conditioned by the application based on minimal client login email address.
6.2   Data Base Integration
Access to database can be done in two ways:
Either by the server application or from Web Admin module. The application server is responsible for entering / updating / deleting user accounts information and those that reflect position and status of the drivers.
6.3   Server Update Agent
Is responsible to provide real-time monitoring of drivers, both positive and their condition. State drivers may vary depending on the mode, IF stationary at the station, or walking out of the station, that according to the state order, if it was busy. The application server continuously monitors the position of drivers and compare borders for predefined station, updating the status of the driver properly when it reaches the station (where this apply).
6.4   Driver search algorithm (working stations) search function driver has based on a search algorithm that executes on all the following steps:
a)  calculates the distance from Earth GPS coordinates associated with client pickup address to the nearest taxi.
b)  same order is sent simultaneously to all drivers, but the application will filter the driver over the current position in the state. Thus, if the position is one (the first) order is displayed without any delay. If the position is different than the one (first) order is displayed with a predetermined delay (and configurable) irrespective of the position (2,3, etc.) or dependent with the position.
c)   Once over command, in the station position to free the remaining drivers / unconfirmed updates first position having priority over the ones coming later.
d)  If the order is canceled before reaching the driver in the pickup address customer proximity, the driver is informed and able last priority, without having its displacement in the taxi station.
e)  If there are no drivers in the first station, the nearest, the application server will continue searching for drivers outside the station, in steps on the annular surface as the first point of reference being the center of the stations (all variables can be controlled by Web Admin – the algorithm)..
6.5   Search Algorithm - driver search function is based on a search algorithm that executes on all the following steps:
a)  the order is sent simultaneously all drivers in the vicinity gps location address in the order (or orders from dispatch POI). The term proximity is defined as a location concentric GPS command and specify by the administrator of Web Admin.
b)  If the first search ( "shout") there are no drivers (or announcing) the server continues the search application on a new area, defined Similarly a first concentric circle, the radius of this circle also specified by the administrator of Web Admin.
c)   continue searching server described a specified number of iterations (configurable also in Web Admin) d) If several drivers are trying in the same time an order, the customer will confirm one car and the rest of the drivers will receive messages the order has been taken by car number....
6.6   Penalty System
Penalty system aimed at calculating a score between 0 and 100, where 100 is maximum (a driver without problems) and 0 is the minimum score (a driver with many problems). The algorithm for penalty received from the client uses reviews and their assessment regarding how a driver was performed in an order (if arrived on time or late order, respectfully as delayed order). Any event that may refreshes and other actions (such as the penalty of temporary disabling application driver).

For all of it’s tablets Vonino offers you the guarantee of a safe and secure Android device, developed and tested under the direct supervision of Google’s performance criteria standards for all Certified Android devices.



Product type All-in-One Mobile data Terminal
SIM readers Single SIM
SIM type 1 x micro-SIM
Operating system Android 7, Nougat
Cellular 3G - HSDPA 900/2100, 42.2/5.76Mbps, 2G - GSM 850/900/1800/1900, EDGE, GPRS
CPU manufacturer Mediatek
CPU cores Quad Core
CPU model No
CPU series No
CPU frequency 1300 MHz
GPU ARM Mali-T720
External memory MicroSD card reader (up to 64 GB)
RAM memory 1 GB
Internal storage 8 GB
Display diagonal 7 inches
Display technology IPS Capacitive HD
Display resolution 1280 x 720 px
Display features
Bluetooth type v4.0 (for positioning only)
Wireless technology Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
Audio connector W/O
Video OUT W/O


Battery capacity (mAh)
Battery type No
Stand-By battery life No
In-Use battery life
Battery charger type 12/24 V
Back-camera W/O
Flash No
Back-camera features
Front-camera W/O
Audio speakers 1 x Internal 2W Speaker
Audio features
FM radio No
Video playback
Image playback
Audio playback
Other playback 1 x Internal Microphone 1 x LED for Power 1 x Power Button; 4 x RS-232; 8 x GPIOs; 1x CAN 2.0B
Dimensions (WxDxH) 123.5 x 20 x 207.4 mm
Weight (g) 596
Color Black
SAR (W/kg):
Preinstalled aps
In the box

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